Authors: Andrew Hile and Will Costello

Genres: Stealth, action, platformer

System: Windows, Mac OS X

Price: Freeware

The Shadow Clan has always guided the course of history, but an unexpected turn of events causes Rahkan, one of its members and a master thief and assassin, to infiltrate a treacherous castle. There, he must use wits, acrobatics, and shadow magic to retreive the Shadow Scrolls: ancient artifacts of terrible power.

You will be thoroughly challenged as you progress through the castle, collecting loot and learning new abilities along your way. Find out what happens to Rahkan and the Shadow Clan in this platforming adventure.


Thievery is a game created by Andrew Hile and Will Costello, two guys who adore video games.

Andrew designed and developed Thievery over the course of a few college semesters while he was also working. It started off as a simple prototype for a class project and eventually turned into a complete game experience. When he started working on Thievery, he had worked on mods before but had minimal game development experience. Throughout Thievery's development, he did all of the programming, art, and cutscenes, and worked on level design with Will. His favorite game is Warcraft III.

Will had never worked on a game before Thievery, but had lots of experience playing games. Andrew asked him to join development early on in its life. He helped out with game design decisions and level design and helped push the game in a lighthearted direction. To help with assets, he learned about audio editing and created the sound effects for the game.

Thievery was a passion project and was made completely without funding. We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved making it.